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Nefertiti Kente Print Satin Dressing Gown Kimono Robe with Feather Trim Cuffs

Nefertiti Kente Print Satin Dressing Gown Kimono Robe with Feather Trim Cuffs

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Step into the world of royalty with our Nefertiti Kente Print Satin Dressing Gown Kimono Robe, now featuring exquisite feather trim cuffs.

This stunning piece combines the rich cultural heritage of Ghana's Kente print with the luxurious feel of satin and the opulence of feather trim to create a unique and elegant garment that is perfect for any occasion.

The vibrant and bold Kente print of this dressing gown is inspired by the colors and patterns of the traditional cloth worn by the people of Ghana. The combination of rich colors and intricate patterns creates a striking and eye-catching design that is sure to turn heads. The satin fabric adds a touch of luxury and softness, making this dressing gown the ultimate in comfort and style.  The ankle-length cut of the dressing gown adds to its regal and sophisticated appearance, making it a perfect choice for a night out or a special occasion.

But it's the feather trim cuffs that truly set this dressing gown apart. The delicate and soft marabou feather trim adds an extra layer of glamour and luxury, creating a truly special piece that is perfect for weddings, special events, or even just a relaxing night in.

This versatile dressing gown can be worn in a variety of ways, making it perfect for any occasion. Whether you're lounging around at home, getting ready for a night out, or looking for the perfect bridesmaid's robe, the Nefertiti Kente Print Satin Dressing Gown Kimono Robe with Feather Trim Cuffs has got you covered.

Each and every one of our dressing gowns is handmade with care and attention to detail, ensuring that you receive a high-quality garment that you'll treasure for years to come. 

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  • Lightweight soft Kente print satin 
  • Black satin neck band and waist belt
  • Loose comfy fit
  • Length (neck to hem): 54 inches 
  • Sizes: XS-XXL (custom sizes available)
  • Designed and handmade to order in the UK
  • Handwash or delicate machine wash with mild detergent. Hang dry. Do not bleach 

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All our garments are custom made by us in London so please allow about 2 week (excluding shipping time) so we can produce your piece as perfect as possible. For rush orders please email us at

For custom orders please do not forget to fill out the appropriate measurements form before or after your order is made at checkout otherwise we will be unable to process your order! For this robe we'll just need your bust, waist and hip measurements. 

If you have any questions or queries we would love to hear from you! You can do that by filling out our Contact Us form or sending us an email at

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