About The Brand

SHERAH comes from the phonetic spelling of "Hyira", the Twi word for "Bless".

SHERAH is a bespoke fashion design brand with a focus on creating pieces which celebrate individuality. 

We enjoy working with clients from all walks of life and for a range of occasions!

We have particularly loved working with brides to produce our collection of bridal dressing gowns entitled the Honeymoon Collection. Our handcrafted gowns accentuate femininity and elegance and aim to create a feeling of queenship in our brides.

Developed in 2018 SHERAH debuted this collection for the first time at Africa Fashion Week London in August 2019 and again at Accra Fashion Week in October 2019.

As a brand our emphasise remains on working with the individual. Each piece is created collaboratively with our clients to produce concepts which inspire confidence, boldness and grace,  bringing a touch of luxury to every day items of clothing.