Fabric Gallery - Cotton African Print

Please check out the Fabric gallery for our current available Cotton African Print fabrics. 

Please note that we usually have a limited amount of each fabric so once it's gone it's gone! It's part of the exclusivity of your Sherah garment. It also means we regularly have new fabric for you to choose from.

Cotton African Print Fabric




Akufo Ahene fi suro Blue and Yellow African Print Wax FabricAKUFO

Orange Ankara African Print Fabric - Odo ODO
Black and Pink Gye Nyame African Print Fabric
GYE NYAME - Sold out
ABC Turquoise, Pink, Green African Print Wax Fabric TUMI
Orange Kente African Print Wax Print SORISA
Green Metallic Pink Hearts Adinkra Africa Print Fabric SENKU
Orange Green Brown African Print WaxFabric SEREE
Orange and Turquoise African Wax Print PIASIAY
Blue and Pink African Print Fabric OKATACHIE - SOLD OUT
Kente African Wax Print Fabric ODISHIE - SOLD OUT
Beige, Creame Pink African Print Wax Print OKWAN - SOLD OUT
Beige Peach Lilac African Print Fabric ABAYAA
Pink and Yellow African Print Ankara Fabric ABODIN
Blue and Yellow Wax African Print Fabric ABOFO
Mustard Burgundy African Print Fabric ABOTARI
Afefede Light Blue Yellow Pink African Print Fabric AFEFEDE
Yellow and Pink Dashiki Angelina African Print Fabric OBAAPA
Blue Dashiki Angelina African Print Fabric BIBIRE
Orange and Blue Angelina African Print Fabric FERE
Nsuro Yellow and Blue Ankara African Print Fabric Wax Print NSURO - SOLD OUT 
White Red Yellow Green Wax African Print Ankara Fabric  NIDIAY
Tofi Blue Pink Yellow African Print Ankara Fabric TOFI
Asempa Beige Off White Flowers Orange African Print Ankara Fabric ASEMPA
Madepa Purple, Orange Gold African Print Treasure Fabric MADEPA
Blue Orange Purple Circles African Print Fabric AHODEN