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Made To Measure/Bespoke 

We also offer a Made to Measure/Bespoke service! 

This involves working collaboratively with clients to design a piece and then create it according to their specific measurements.

We regularly work with clients to create one of a kind pieces for parties, wedding guest attire/asoebi and even swimwear. 

How does it work?

Simply send us an email at to discuss design ideas and/or book an appointment.

At the first appointment we will collate the design ideas jointly and come to a final decision. If you do not already have your fabric this can also be discussed and finalised. Deadlines and a quote will be discussed if not previously. 

If we have passed your test (yay!) and you would like to go ahead with your bespoke Sherah garment we will take your measurements. 

The first appointment usually lasts for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

So what happens now?

After the first meeting we will start working on your garment as soon as we can, usually once we have all the necessary materials. We will then invite you for a fitting about 2-3 weeks before the garment is due, time permitting. Most people only require one fitting. Once you have fitted your garment and are happy with the garment we will make any necessary alterations, add the fastenings and finish the item.

We can then either send you your bespoke Sherah garment via mail or you can attend for a final fitting and pick up!

If you're not based in London or are unable to attend the appointment drop us an email anyway and we'll see what we can do :) 

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